New Insight: the case for combined performance and risk analytics [SlideShare]

Technology is now available that makes it possible to combine multi-asset class performance and risk analytics into a single scalable system.

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In Sync: why front and middle office collaboration is needed

Why front and middle office collaboration is what’s needed now.

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Workflow Issue Two: Q3 2016

Key issues for the middle office in asset management firms today.

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Apples and Apples: how consistent data is finally within reach for large asset management firms

For obvious reasons, many of the largest asset management firms struggle with massive data volumes, silos and processes. 

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Smooth Operators: how combined analytics can boost operational efficiency

An integrated approach is key for effective performance and risk management, but can also do a great deal to help operational efficiency.

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Seeing is Believing: why boutique asset managers need better visibility and smaller margins of error [Slideshare]

Generating a single copy of the data around performance attribution coupled with comprehensive analysis of risk, has become an essential capability for boutique asset managers.

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Line of Sight: unravelling the data web to give asset managers the whole picture

Seeing multiple attributions of both performance and risk is increasingly important for asset managers to make the right decisions and add value.

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Future Visionaries: why risk managers command center stage for asset managers today

Powerful central data sources are now key to placing risk analytics at the centre of asset management businesses.

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Remain or Leave? Head or Heart?

By Justin Wheatley | Jun 21, 2016 | brexit, Opinion

Remain or leave? Head or Heart? A personal viewpoint

I wrote a personal view that we should not Brexit but Fixit on 7th April. For me it is entirely logical that we should stay in the EU. 

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Doing more with less: why the cloud works for smaller asset management firms

Using risk and performance attribution data together to gain better visibility is no new thing - it has been on the agenda since before even the global financial crisis.

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