StatPro Workflow Issue One: Q2 2016

“The last two years have seen an extraordinary amount of change in the asset management industry. The industry’s ability to renew itself has never been more important.”

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Right First Time: the importance of "working the portfolio" once [SlideShare]

Automating process and using data just once - but for many purposes - is increasingly seen as the best way for asset managers to respond to the demand for 24/7 reporting capability.

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In it Together: why “collaboration” is now an essential skillset for asset managers

Middle offices producing ad hoc reports based on data pulled in from disparate legacy systems still takes place. But, increasingly, this approach falls short of client and regulatory demand.

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Go Figure: data processing is needed but analytical insight is the real value [SlideShare]

We all know the average middle office is inundated with vast amounts of data. But in today’s competitive market, simply processing large volumes is not enough anymore. 

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Need for Speed: Why the Overnight Processing Window Needs to Speed Up and Automate

For asset managers the need to keep up with overnight transaction processing and complex data volumes is ever present. 

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Under Pressure - The state of middle offices in smaller asset management firms

Boutique managers may not have the muscle to compete with the largest firms, but they do have one key strength: agility.

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StatPro Revolution - Power to Analytics!

StatPro Revolution has a new strap line. Power to Analytics!

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Turning the tables on passively managed funds

How equity attribution can help active managers identify sources of alpha

The headwinds for actively managed equity funds are formidable. 

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Equity Attribution Systems

A paradigm shift in speed, accessibility and cost

The advancements made in the once primarily internal and excel-based world of performance analytics of the 90’s has been dramatic. 

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Effective data management for performance analysis

StatPro recently exhibited and presented as a gold level sponsor at this year’s TSAM Europe congress on 17th March 2015 at Lancaster hotel in London.

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