Why look-through transparency is no longer a nice to have requirement

Look-through transparency for performance and risk-practical considerations, challenges, and opportunities

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The rise of self-service performance and risk analytics

How the self-service revolution is making the middle office more efficient.

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New School Risk Management

For the new school asset manager, a proper risk framework is indispensible

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Global Risk Outlook: Volatility is back

The days of single digit VIX are over

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Middle office stakeholders: Know your clients

A growing list of stakeholders means the middle office has to provide a range of flexible analysis and distribution services.

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Why accurate, timely, and independent analysis is key to meeting front office demands

By StatPro Revolution | Jan 25, 2018

Why the right middle office systems are critical for accuracy in the front office.

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Global Risk Outlook: Measuring the impact when market volatility returns

With the role of asset managers becoming increasingly important to the global financial services industry, it is important to look at the current market trends and how particular investment options impact...

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StatPro Workflow Issue Six: Q4 2017

Workflow: Key issues for the middle office in asset management firms today

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Fiat news and the connection between political risk and market risk

 This post is the first in a series of pieces written by members of the StatPro client services teams.

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SEC puts Liquidity Estimation Back in Focus

Liquidity back in focus

As part of the SEC investment company reporting modernization rules published in October 2016, all open-ended US mutual funds and ETFs will be required to implement liquidity risk...

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