Lights, Camera, Revolution

With only a week to go before Morningstar, we’re gearing up to officially debut Revolution to the North American market.

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A Battle Royal: Broker vs. Independent

The importance of 3rd Party Pricing Examined

The debate between referencing broker pricing or independent pricing has been raging among asset managers in recent years.

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StatPro launches Revolution on World Tour

I have just completed a 13 day 30,000 mile round trip of the world from London via Boston, New York City, LA, Sydney, Johannesburg, Cape Town and finally back to London. 

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StatPro's Integrated Product Strategy

The Integrated Product Strategy of StatPro offers a wide range of functionality to our clients. 

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Don’t Blame Risk Numbers for Market Crash

System working well: Send more money. Or so goes the “successful” roulette player’s apocryphal telegram home.

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MSCI Barra buys Riskmetrics

It is not every day that the two largest providers of risk management systems and portfolio analysis to the Asset Management industry merge.

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StatPro changes Tariff

All StatPro Services now available at fraction of the price on SaaS.

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