Smooth Operators: how combined analytics can boost operational efficiency

An integrated approach is key for effective performance and risk management, but can also do a great deal to help operational efficiency.

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Doing more with less: why the cloud works for smaller asset management firms

Using risk and performance attribution data together to gain better visibility is no new thing - it has been on the agenda since before even the global financial crisis.

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Security in the Cloud: Rethinking your most important asset [Video]

By StatPro Revolution | Jun 02, 2016 | technology, cloud, infosec

Security is a primary concern for any asset manager looking to move their data to the cloud. The perception that this could also lead to a loss of control is another.

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In it Together: why “collaboration” is now an essential skillset for asset managers

Middle offices producing ad hoc reports based on data pulled in from disparate legacy systems still takes place. But, increasingly, this approach falls short of client and regulatory demand.

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Competitive Advantage: five priority areas for your middle office [SlideShare]

The asset management industry will continue to face strong headwinds in the years to come, with the need to change the way it operates fundamentally important.

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Demand for Data: Five Priorities for Asset Managers to Meet the Needs of Regulators and Investors [SlideShare]

The asset management industry is under intense pressure to handle more data, more often, and with complete transparency.

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The Virtual Numbers Game: why the cloud can help boutique asset managers with batch processing

With trading volumes down on pre-crisis years, how is it that asset managers have ended up with huge increases in data and calculation requirements?

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Leveraging technology for performance management

Dr Ian Thompson, a recognized subject matter expert in investment performance analysis recently joined StatPro as Client Integration Director. We asked Ian to share his insights into the future of performance...

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Pure cloud SaaS Vs Cloudwash

Five questions to help you spot the difference

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For Fund Administrators, Service means Technology

How only technology will enable service providers to offer the service they want to offer

People sometimes confuse the term “service” with the personal touch of a helpful concierge. 

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