The New Era of Client Power

How technology is giving consumers more choice

Fund managers, just like any other business, need to assess the impact that new technology is likely to have on consumer choices over the next few years. The...

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Information sharing in capital markets

Dushyant Shahrawat, Senior Research Director of CEB TowerGroup, in conversation with Neil Smyth

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Examining the Technology Options for Portfolio Oversight

(This article first appeared in Bobsguide

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In the interest of the investor – leveraging technology for portfolio oversight

The Financial Services Authority (FSA), specifically in the UK, although there are similar bodies in North America, Europe and Asia, have recently recognized that the relationship between those parties...

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SaaS is for satisfied clients

By Justin Wheatley | Nov 29, 2012 | SaaS, technology

The biggest pleasure of switching to a SaaS ("Software as a Service" with a multi-tenant deployment) platform for our products (in the form of StatPro Revolution) is the increase in the quality of service...

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Bring Your Own Device – lessons from the consumer

By StatPro Revolution | Aug 28, 2012 | technology

There has been a lot written about the rise of ‘bring your own device’ in recent months and this trend is starting to have a real impact on companies large and small.

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Data in an iTunes age

It’s exciting that cloud technology, which is fuelling iTunes and managing everything I read, review and share with friends, is the same magic that’s enabling asset managers to serve their clients in my...

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The disruptive route: heading further into the cloud

The benefits on offer would have to be pretty substantial for any growing business to move away from a technology platform with an annual revenue stream of over £30 million.

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Top Tips to select the right technology performance analytics vendor in 2012

Taken from CFA’s Annual Global Investment Standards Conference 2011

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Cloud Computing For The Asset Management Industry

The consumer market has already seen a huge impact from cloud computing with web applications such as Facebook and photo sharing apps like

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