With SaaS, progress means giving more for less.

By Justin Wheatley | Jan 12, 2010 | SaaS, technology

The model-T Ford gave the world a reliable car for $295 whereas its cheapest rival cost nearly $3,000; it was also better quality and more reliable than most of its competitors.

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Cheaper. Faster. Better.

By Neil Smyth | Oct 12, 2009 | SaaS, technology, back office

Software as a Service isn't anything new. 

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Asset Managers need to reduce their costs – SaaS will help

By Justin Wheatley | Sep 18, 2009 | SaaS, technology

Why StatPro is evolving its business model

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Setting the Standard

By Neil Smyth | Sep 18, 2009 | SaaS, technology, back office

When deciding to outsource or host software solutions with vendors it pays to know how they intend to deliver such a service.

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The Real Cost of Software

By Neil Smyth | Sep 09, 2009 | SaaS, technology, back office

A quick analysis

Software costs money. This cost is pretty visible, you get an invoice from your software vendor depending on the model; one off license costs, annual support agreements, annual...

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What's the benefit - putting performance and attribution into context

Putting performance and attribution into context

People form habits and after a while they tend to lose focus on why they do things.

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