AIFMD & UCITS – A roundup from Luxembourg

On 22nd April, StatPro hosted a UCITS & AIFMD breakfast event at the Sofitel Luxembourg Europe. 

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Tackling UCITS and AIFMD with StatPro Revolution

By StatPro Revolution | May 08, 2014 | AIFMD, regulations, UCITS

Both the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive and UCITS IV have placed exceptional demands and pressures on asset managers.

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StatPro Revolution Update - March 2014

We are excited to bring you the final part of the advanced portfolio sharing and user management functionality as well as a brand new UCITS/AIF Commitment Leverage calculation module.

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Sharing relevant information for the right reasons - a compliance view

By Dallas McGillivray | Nov 21, 2013 | AIFMD, sharing, UCITS

Transparent communication has been a topic discussed for many years and has raised eyebrows around many board room tables from time to time. 

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Think Global, Act Local

By StatPro Revolution | Sep 04, 2013 | regulations, UCITS

The nice part of StatPro's global business is that we are constantly introduced to regional issues that affect our clients. 

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Do you know the risk and exposure of your portfolios? - UCITS Infographic


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Do you have the right toolset to tackle UCITS IV?

By StatPro Revolution | Jun 28, 2013 | AIFMD, regulations, UCITS

Asset managers are facing increasing levels of regulation such as UCITS IV and AIFMD, and this is putting pressure on operating costs and levels of efficiency. 

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StatPro Revolution Update - May 2013

Our latest release of StatPro Revolution includes some great functionality, additions and enhancements. 

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Your questions on Governance and Compliance answered

Dario Cintioli, Product Director at StatPro talks to FTfm about governance and compliance in the recent economy, migration into the cloud and how this has changed over the years.

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UCITS and Technology

UCITS IV was passed into law on 1st July and will take effect in July 2011.

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